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Have a (Virtual) Seat

Although not for everyone, research shows telehealth to be just as effective as in-person counseling. 

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Online sessions might be a good fit for you if:

You don't have time to drive to an office

Road conditions prevent

you from driving

Your living situation

makes it harder to meet in-person

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A physical or medical condition limits your


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You don't have access

to counselors close-by

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You just prefer the convenience

What do I need
for telehealth?

All you need is a pc or laptop, a stable internet connection, and a private area or room to have sessions in. If you are worried about people hearing you, there are ways you can minimize that risk.  Click here for ideas.

How do I join a 

I use Google Meet, a HIPAA secure software application.  On the day of your session, you can expect a link sent to your email at the time of your session.  If you are using your mobile device, you can join via the Google Meet app.  There is no need to install the software if you are joining from a computer.

What if i run into 
computer issues?

If there are any connection or technological issues, we will first attempt to troubleshoot together.  Many times, these are just simple steps or a reboot of the session; other times, there may be an unknown reason for session issues.  Sessions that are unable to be reconnected through stable video will instead be conducted through the phone if possible.

How do i pay for 

Ivy Pay is a HIPAA secure app that allows me to collect fees virtually.  Following your intake session, the app will send a text prompting you to enter a card you wish to have on file for charging.  You will not have to download the app to enter payment information.  If you need to change payment methods, you can request a new link to enter your card information and I will send that through the app.  

what if telehealth 
doesn't work for me?

It doesn't mean something is wrong with you if virtual sessions aren't your thing--this happens.  If you're feeling this way, we will talk about what might be contributing to see if we can work to resolve some of those issues.  If it is telehealth itself that is not working for you, we can discuss referrals and transitioning to an in-person therapist.

what are my rights
as a client?

NBCC Client Rights and Responsibilities details the rights you have as a client as well as the grievance process.


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