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It's nice to see you here!

I'm Kaileen--Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), trauma therapist, mental health advocate, and anxiety specialist.

female smiling with blonde hair counseling

The thing I'm most passionate about is accurately conceptualizing how you see

and experience life: what it really feels like to be you, the events that have contributed

to your pain, why your responses to the world make total sense, and the things you

yearn for most but have no clear path to.  Even though the route forward may not be initially 

obvious, I value making my work with you personalized and collaborative so we can illuminate 

that path--together.

Something I'm equally as committed to is creating an environment where you can ease-in

to being just you.  The you without all the exhausting filters.  Maybe you've had to hide who

you are or how you struggle, but in my judgment-free space, I'll continuously guide you to

allowing your true self to exist (I promise you deserve that).  And unlike the movies, you'll get a 

real, authentic person on my end to help--not an analytic robot wearing a cardigan (no hate to

cardigans, here).  

If you are interested in getting more details on what I believe & how I work with people, head over to my 

philosophy page.

**Now accepting new clients**


M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling--2016

WI License Number


Issued 2018

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