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My Philosophy

Effective therapy starts at the junction of genuine connection, empathy,
& true understanding.

Here's what I believe:

You're doing your best.

Maybe it feels like you never do enough or reach your/other's standards; however, you are doing what you can with your energy, resources, access, time, and all the factors that go into "humaning".

Self-love > self-esteem.

Self-esteem is conditional, meaning we only see ourselves in a positive light when we perform well or meet our own expectations. Conversely, self-love doesn't have any prerequisites and can get us through the toughest of times.

Every emotion is valid.

Emotions are not wrong or bad--they are signals and information from the brain & body about our experiences.  Allowing them can enable processing and new, mindful responses.

You're the expert on you.

You know best what works for your life and what doesn't. With my guidance and your insight, we can find the techniques and directions that feel the most suitable to you.

You're capable of change.

The brain can be rewired at any stage of life.  Just because you haven't changed something yet doesn't mean it isn't possible.  That only means it's complex & hard (and you don't have to do it alone).

All coping is adaptive.

Adaptation isn't about healthy or unhealthy--it's about survival.  You've found ways to exist in your world and there's no shame in that.


Theories I work from 


This approach pulls together the elements of warmth, empathy, and unconditional positive regard.  No matter what circumstances you are or have been in, you are accepted just as you are in my presence.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT examines the complex relationships between emotions, thoughts, and behaviors in order to bring awareness to, and ultimately shift, these elements.  The underpinnings of this theory rely on in-depth knowledge of the innermost core beliefs connected to these patterns in your life so we can dismantle them from the source.


Sometimes significant life anxieties arise about the certainties of life, including freedom & responsibility, isolation, purpose & meaning, and death.  Existentialist techniques can help us unpack and process these significant life topics.


Ready to dominate your anxiety, stress, and/or perfectionism?

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