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Hi, There.

If you’re here, chances are it’s not because you feel great. On the outside, you look like you have both feet on the ground, but on the inside, you feel as if you’re barely making it through. Change sounds like what you need, but also seems intimidating. If that sounds like you, you may also relate to one or more of these:

  • You find yourself dwelling on things you feel are out of your control
  • You want a break from inner turmoil but never seem to truly relax
  • You fear when the next panic attack will show up “out of nowhere“
  • You think about the worst possible outcome of every-day situations
  • You feel increasingly overwhelmed by little things that happen throughout your day
  • You constantly doubt your own abilities and feel a great lack of confidence
  • As anxiety is the most common mental health issue, there are many evidence-based techniques made to alter how the brain manages fear. When we work together, you can guarantee that we’ll tailor these techniques to your specific needs, giving you the best shot at getting unstuck to reach inner growth.

    With an anxiety-specific focus, you can:

    Find Your Calm

    Although helpful in small doses, anxiety in large doses can rob us of enjoyment and tranquility in life. Therapy can help you learn how to navigate and alleviate anxiety so you can feel more at peace.

    Go Beyond Coping

    Too much stress can cause our bodies to go into survival mode. In therapy, we’ll focus on discovering and moving through underlying causes of your fears in order to shift you from surviving to thriving.

    Own Your Life

    It’s normal to feel out of control of your life when anxiety seems to run the show. We’ll work on finding and building your inner confidence so you can feel in charge of the direction of your life.

    “If there is meaning in life at all, then there must be meaning in suffering.”

    -Viktor Frankl

    Places to Get Started

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    Individualized Counseling

    We’ll work together to build therapy personalized to your specific needs, because even though anxiety is common, you are unique.

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    From anxiety and panic to phobias and stress, I’ve got you covered. Even if you just feel stuck, you’re at the right place.

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