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The course for the perfectionistic businesswoman who wants to feel courageously empowered

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Welcome, entrepreneur!

Are you feeling the pressure to be perfect in your business even though you suspect that gets in your way?  Are you sitting on starting or expanding your business but paralyzed by your fears? Do you wish you could just run toward uncertainty like other businesswomen seem to do? If the answer is yes, then you may relate to one or more of these:

You procrastinate on tasks and/or overexert yourself 

You are tired & burnt out but also believe that if you really rest, everything will fall apart or your business will fail. 

You are extra harsh on yourself

That persistent, deafening inner critic never forgets to remind you of all your entrepreneurial faults & flaws.

You avoid taking risks that might grow your business

You don't take those scarier business risks often but when you do, you try to make everything as impeccable as possible first.

You have exceedingly high standards for your work

You don't do "average", which means that you spend a ton of time perfecting projects & tasks.

You often feel like what you are doing isn't good enough

Even your best work doesn't make you feel worthy because you always seem to fall short in some way.

You fear mistakes, failure, or even success

You can't imagine performing any less than exceptional & just the thought of it freaks you out.

What you want to be is:

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You deserve to be the only one in charge.

Emboldened is the course where I'll help you access these brave parts
of yourself (I promise you they are there!) so you can
 finally separate from
the strict confinements of perfectionism.

To be emboldened means to be bold, brave, gutsy, daring, courageous, and confident.

With this course, you'll learn:


What perfectionism looks like & how it develops

The emotions, thoughts, behaviors, & belief systems that keep it thriving

How to conceptualize your own perfectionism

Evidence-based techniques to challenge your inner critic & implement self-compassion

All about using vulnerability & taking risks that matter

Effective ways to deal with imperfection & failure

Practical methods of productivity

Boundary-setting & rest

Skills for navigating comparison & self-doubt

How to make long-term progress post-course

...and more

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Developed with evidence-based methods

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT breaks down, examines, and makes sense of the relationship between emotions, thoughts, behaviors, and underlying core beliefs so you can effectively modify them.

Exposure Techniques

Practicing facing your fears and tolerating vulnerability is fundamental to changing your brain (and subsequently how you business).


Paying attention to the here-and-now is one of the most powerful ways to gain insight, move through emotion, and take control over how you respond.

You'll get the most out of this course if:

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You are an entrepreneur or hope to start a business but know that perfectionism is slowing you down

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You feel connected to instruction that is relatable & authentic v. overly-professional

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You want out of burnout and feeling constantly drained from cyclic tasks

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You're ready to learn about perfectionism--specifically how yours operates

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You're ready to feel truly capable, courageous, and empowered in your work

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You know that virtual learning fits your lifestyle best

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You're willing to do the work outside of course material to make real progress

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You know that this does not substitute therapy but can be a useful addition

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You're in it for the long haul--not just for a quick fix


Course Setup

Identifying perfectionism

Where does perfectionism come from?

Identifying fears & related thoughts

Conceptualizing your perfectionism

Cost to your life & what your life could look like

**5 video lessons** 

Gaining awareness that matters

Vulnerability & risk-taking

Imperfection & failure

Dealing with comparison

Your relationship with the inner critic & self-compassion

**5 video lessons**

Moving through imposter syndrome & self-doubt


Reframing & dominating productivity

Working from values & function v. shame

Continuing progress & trusting the process

**5 video lessons**

Segment 1

Segment 2

Segment 3

Hey, fellow perfectionist!

I'm Kaileen, perfectionism dominator and the instructor of Emboldened.

I built this course to help women like you get out of the perfectionistic trap and into the work that feels rewarding and empowering to you--because I've been there and I know how much it sucks.

To give you the best (but not perfect) course possible, I use a compilation of research, extensive training, things I've learned from working with clients, and of course--the work I've done to untether from perfectionism myself.

If you think this is the right-enough course for you, I'd love to have you!

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